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All versions of QuickBooks and Enterprise Solutions supported. QuickBooks training, setup, and support customized to your specific needs. Helpful training, special projects, 3rd party applications with QuickBooks integration, informative reports, and much more to help you effectively run and manage your business.

Are your books in order? Need a QuickBooks Assessment? The QuickBooks assessment is an overall assessment of your current QuickBooks data processes. It’s a 25 point QuickBooks Check-Up to identify areas of concern. The assessment can be done remotely online from the comfort of your own home or office and should take only a few hours to complete. The new year will be here soon, now is a great time to go through the check-up process and to get your books in order.

A Few of the New Features in QuickBooks 2016

QuickBooks Pro®, QuickBooks Premier®, and QuickBooks Enterprise®

  • Bill Tracker: This new feature is similar to the Income Tracker,  it provides a dashboard so you can see the status of unpaid transactions,  item receipts, purchase orders, etc. to help manage payables easily without having to run reports.
  • Bulk Clear Send Forms: Clear the “email later” flag for multiple transactions.
  • Report Filtering Features:  You can now Filter the Custom Fields on Item Reports and there’s a new useful report feature “This Fiscal Year-to-Last Month” report date filter.
  • Insights Homepage:  An overview of the business performance without running reports.
  • Security:  All users who have the “Credit Card Protection” feature on will be asked to change password every 90 days.
  • Accountant versions: Have many new additional features.

New Features in QuickBooks Enterprise®  2016

  • Column sorting on Payment screen: You can now click on the column header to sort the form.
  • Batch Delete Transactions: Delete or void groups of transactions in a batch, from one place.

Many New and Exciting Features in QuickBooks Online Available Now

QuickBooks Online Version is continually adding new features, the newest online updates are awesome, working in the cloud with QuickBooks has greatly improved and has streamlined the way business can now operate and function.

CRM-etc. (CRM and Ecommerce Solutions that integrate with QuickBooks)

crm-etc-podcast-with-kathy-hahn-100x100Learn more about additional software to compliment your QuickBooks software such as CRM and Ecommerce solutions that fully integrate with QuickBooks and provide for many more usability features in the CRM-etc. Podcast with Kathy Hahn here



QuickBooks Help is Here!  QuickBooks Training provided for “Your Company”and/or for “You” personally with Kathy Hahn.


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