The Agiliron Ecommerce Solution is a great product that integrates with QuickBooks, includes inventory management, point of sale, website, online shopping cart, CRM, and provides for multiple sales channels and more.  Stan Roach of Agiliron believes cloud base computing is going to be the small businesses new best friend because it’s brought big enterprise capability to small and medium size businesses.  The common challenge of newer technology options, has created a hodgepodge patchwork of solutions for business.   Separate disparate integrated patchwork has created a liability with separate applications not integrating.   Now  with SAAS (Software as a Service) the kind of applications available are very robust, enterprise class systems with integration which enable the users to every man’s availability and can now be beneficiaries of the shift with these new times.   Stan says, “We are standing on the shoulders of people who have invented the infrastructure to do this” (allow cloud computing and new integrations) and “it’s where the world is going”.

Agiliron Suite recommended by Kathy Hahn, QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Kathy Hahn recommends Agiliron because it provides for multi-channels as an ecommerce solution and also manages inventory, integrates with QuickBooks, has Point of Sale platform, and also has CRM

Connect QuickBooks and EcommerceIn order to grow retail business, there’s a need to be in more places, and fully integrate the order process through the final sale including follow up.  The Agiliron Ecommerce Solution is a complete Ecommerce Suite which includes CRM, front office, back office, integration with your website, inventory management, integration with various sales channels, and full integration with QuickBooks.  The Front office is customer communications including customer support, which provides a more complete customer experience,  and the back office includes inventory and fulfillment).  The back office is the backbone that is integrated with Agiliron to be more scalable for the user and allow them to sell in more places BUT manage in one.Stan, Kathy, and Satish

Additional tutorials can been viewed here, just click on the link to learn more  about Agiliron

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Hear the podcast interview with Kathy Hahn as she talks with Stan Roach of Agiliron.  In a series of interviews Stan explains details about the Agiliron Ecommerce Solution and how it can help business grow in our new evolving online retail environment.

Stan Roach of Agiliron in an interview with Kathy Hahn

Stan Roach of Agiliron about CRM in an interview with Kathy Hahn

Next Gen POS – Stan Roach of Agiliron about the Next Generation Point of Sale in an interview with Kathy Hahn

Omni-Channels, Mulitple-Sales-Channels, Sell in Multiple Places-another interview with Kathy Hahn

Manage Market Places with Agiliron-interview with Kathy Hahn

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Agiliron is the Complete Ecommerce Suite

Agiliron is the complete Ecommerce Solution to handle selling your products, it fully integrates with QuickBooks and your website, is a complete Point of Sale System and integrates with many other channels, including Amazon, Ebay, and Business to Business (Distribution)

Agiliron helps customers sell in more places and manage in one


Agiliron Feb 2014 Meeting in Northern California

In a recent group meeting, I was privileged to meet with Stan ((Stan Roach) and Satish (Satish Menon) of Agiliron. Some of the participants in the advanced training session of the Agiliron Ecommerce Solution included long time members of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor network, a few of the group attendees included; David Glantz, Kerry Riddle, Tim Grant, and myself (Kathy Hahn), there were many who came from out of state and the East Coast to share in the group training and networking event. Stan Roach began the meeting with unique entertainment filled with cartoon character’s and their related stories which portrayed specific individuals’ of interest within the QuickBooks ProAdvisor network. Satish Menon continued with detailed training of the Agiliron Ecommerce Solution product, which concluded with a stimulating question and answer session and a delightful lunch provided by Agiliron at the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA. See photo to the left with Stan, Kathy, and Satish.