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Professional Services

Try Method free for 30 daysMethod Professional Services integrates with QuickBooks, providing the tools to easily and accurately record time and expense entries to maximize the billable time to a client. Enforcing budget and contract preferences, along with an approval process, Method Professional Services for QuickBooks is perfect for both planned and ad-hoc services for any professional services company. Plus, since Method Professional Services is built on the Method Platform, you can integrate it with all other Method Full Blown edition apps, and customize each screen your own time and expense billing system for QuickBooks.

  • Easily enter expense entries sent to QuickBooks as Bills or Checks.
  • Record and approve time and expense entries remotely.
  • Enforce time and expense approval process.
  • Schedule planned activities which can quickly be converted into time entries.
  • Apply billing rates as fixed hourly or custom by service item.
  • Automatically check time and expense entries do not go beyond total contract amount.
  • Automatically adjust the billable status of time and expense entries that push beyond the budgeted amount.
  • Create, review and invoice contracts remotely.
  • Manage and apply contract retainers to contracts and invoices.
  • Easy access to a dashboard to view budgets, contracts, activities, time and expenses.
  • Print, email and customize contracts and budgets.
  • Customizable Professional Service reports.
  • Real-time syncing between QuickBooks and Method.
  • Access Method CRM Edition

As an Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor and an Advanced Method Consultant, I can assist you with setting up your Method Account and help you determine if customization might be an option for your Method platform. Together we can go over your current QuickBooks utilization compared with how you may want to provide for future growth by including your integration with CRM and how Method Professional Services could enhance various aspects of your business. For more information regarding your QuickBooks and integration with CRM, contact Kathy directly, Kathy (at) QBandBeyond (dot) com.Method Certified Account ManagerMethod Certified Advanced Consultant


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