What is CRM? with Paul Jackson of MethodCRM Interview by Kathy HahnWhat is CRM?  Hear the podcast in an interview by Kathy Hahn with Paul Jackson of MethodCRM as Paul answers the question – “What is CRM?”  Paul also shares highlights of his career and the history of MethodCRM which has brought the company to an exciting new growth phase. What is CRM?  It’s much more than customer relationship management, it’s an operational tool that can help get work done.  Paul considers the term CRM to relate as “CONTACT Relationship Management” because communications with ALL contacts, including Vendor and Employee relationships should be managed, not just the customer.  The way use mobile devices has changed, now people use mobile devices for everything.  Listen here to part 1 and stay tuned for new exciting MethodCRM mobile developments that are going to change the industry. 

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MethodCRM with Paul Jackson Interview by Kathy Hahn


In Part 2 of the interview by Kathy Hahn with Paul Jackson, Paul says in many ways what Method enables people to do is, get a custom solution as if they actually paid a programmer to create an application for them. They can create their dream application themselves by just having a bit of imagination and some time, they can create whatever business process they like. You can read more and hear Part 2 of the interview here.

Paul gives recommendations for business owner’s who are wanting to build their business.

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